Saturday, August 04, 2012

Primary Ballot Time - 2012

Well, for those who vote by mail, this week was a big week - ballots for the August primary election have started hitting mailboxes across the state.

Here's mine -

In the contested races that are visible in the pic, I voted for David Schapira for Congress (more on that below), Katie Hobbs for State Senate, and Chad Campbell and Lela Alston for State House.  On the other side of the ballot, it was Paul Penzone for Maricopa County Sheriff, John Washington for Mayor of Scottsdale, and Denny Brown for Scottsdale City Council (so far, I'm single-shotting Brown, but we can vote for up to three candidates in that race.)

As for the race for Congress -

While all three candidates have their good points, and all are basically on the right side of the "big issues", only one will do the best job of representing the Ninth Congressional District. That one is David Schapira. He is a "what you see is what you get" kind of candidate - honest, direct, and straightforward. His primary concern is working to make this a better community, by supporting education, health care opportunity, small business, and all of the things that help make a community a *home*. I'm proud to call him my state senator and prouder still to call him a friend.

He will be Arizona's next great Congressman.


Phoenix Justice said...

You are so lucky to be in a Congressional District that will have a real race. I am in the new CD6 and although I voted for Matt Jette today, we will either have Schweikert or Quayle as the person elected.

cpmaz said...

Yeah, I'm pretty sure that there isn't a "less bad" between Quayle and Schweikert.

Having said that, the first time I saw Matt Jette was when he was running for the R nomination for governor. I was covering an R candidate forum in Tempe, and he was the only candidate who made any sense (this was before Brewer signed SB1070, so there were still a bunch of candidates in the R field).

As the only sensible candidate, naturally he finished behind Brewer and a couple of people who dropped out after they turned in their signatures.

I know he isn't going to win, but I think he'd be a decent Congressman.

And having said all of that, as someone who is reasonably active and reasonably knowledgeable of these things, I understand the practical considerations behind each candidate's choice of district. As a would-be writer though, I *really* wanted to see a Sinema-Quayle race. :)