Monday, October 18, 2010

Got some good news, got some bad news

OK, for some it's "bad news, good news"...

...Good news for the Schweikert campaign - this is his third campaign for Congress, and Jackass 3D was #1 at the box office this weekend.  Sequels had some strength this weekend.

...Bad news for the Schweikert campaign - the election wasn't this weekend.

...Bad news for the Ken Bennett campaign - setting up an office in the basement of a lobbyist's office doesn't look good for a candidate for an office that is supposed to be all about integrity.

...Good news for Bennett - He's already set up his desk for his post-election job.

...Bad news for Ben "Tater Tot" Quayle in CD3 - a new poll shows him *behind* Democrat Jon Hulburd in the Republican-leaning district.

...Good news for Quayle - if he goes on to lose the race (and since his "unfavorables" are above 50%, that's a strong possibility), he should remember that the son of another famous politician lost his first campaign, a campaign for Congress.  When George H.W. Bush tried to buy a seat in Congress for his son George W., the future "worst president ever" failed miserably to win what should have been a "safe" seat for any credible R candidate. 

...Of course, that good news for Quayle isn't good news for the rest of us.

...Good news for the Brewer campaign - she's found a way to move attention away from concerns about her health and her ability to serve a full term in the Governor's office..

...Bad news for the Brewer campaign - that way involves irritating voters by hiding from them, decreasing the chance that after the election, she will have the opportunity to serve a full term.

Pic courtesy the Terry Goddard for Governor Facebook page...

At least she was consistent all day - she blew off senior voters during the day, and educators and students during the evening.

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