Monday, October 18, 2010

Letter to the editor regarding Harry Mitchell

Recently, but more than a week ago, I submitted a letter to the editor to the Arizona Republic.  It was considered for publication, but apparently was passed over.

No problem.  There are other outlets for my insightful (yet humble) observations.  :)

The letter as submitted -
Dear Editor,

I urge everyone in the 5th Congressional District to support one of Arizona's longtime public servants, Congressman Harry Mitchell.

People, including me, may not agree with every single vote that he casts in Congress, but I've never disagreed with the motivation behind those votes - looking out for the best interests of his constituents.

Whether it is fighting for America's (and Arizona's) veterans, striving for fiscal responsibility in Washington, or working to strengthen our schools, Mitchell has always put his constituents first, and deserves our renewed support.

While his detractors like to ridicule him for "having his heart in the right place," they should consider the idea that in an ideal world, every elected official should have their hearts in the right place..

Voters can send a message by voting to reelect Harry Mitchell.

CD5 is one of the places that still values public service instead of vilifying it.
Volunteer to help Harry keep helping us.

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Anonymous said...

Go Harry!
Volunteer, contribute, VOTE!