Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Special Session - Senate Floor Session

2:16 - Burton Cahill calls this a "very, very difficult" vote and is only for a band-aid. Votes yes, reluctantly. Bill passes 16 - 12. Senate adjourns.

2:15 - Aboud opposes because even if voters approve it, it won't balance the budget and that cuts are still coming.

2:13 - Gould opposes because he only wants to cut services. Cites pledge to Norquist, but says it is a pledge to the voters in his district. Votes no.

2:12 - Harper voting no because it isn't coupled with automatic tax cuts.

2:11 - Vote still open. Burton Cahill has been switching her vote back and forth. Gould still hasn't voted, and neither has Burns. As it stands, the measure needs one more "yes" vote.

2:08 - McCune Davis thinks that this isn't a workable solution and votes no.

2:07 - Sylvia Allen is "really ticked off at everybody" for placing them in such a tough place. Votes yes.

2:03 - SCR1001, sales tax hike referral. This one may fail, and kill the whole thing. Cheuvront argues that this is a tough one, but it still is only giving the voters the final say.

2:02 - Aboud calls it just closing a loophole. Votes aye. Bill passes 21 - 7.

2:00 - SB1005, standard deduction adjustment, needs a 2/3 vote. Gould opposes. Again.

1:59 - SB1004, Lottery reauthorization. This one could be very interesting. Or not. Passes 19 - 9.

1:58 - SB1003, Lottery revenue bonding and sale/leaseback of state assets. This one could be interesting, but it will pass. It does, 18 - 9 - 2 vacancies.

1:57 - SB1002, Education payments rollovers. Bill passes.

1:56 - Vote still open. Now closed, Passes with 2/3 majority.

1:54 - SB1001, special election call. Needs 2/3 to pass with an emergency clause.

1:53 - Gould being a jerk, calls division on a procedural motion. Motion passes.

1:52 - Chuck Gray looking for script. Finds it.

1:51 - Third Read session resumes.

1:50 - SCR1001 passes COW. COW session ends.

1:49 - Rios understands concerns that the amendment could place a burden on specific industries but also understands that the proposal would place a burden or Arizona's working families. Calls on corps to be good neighbors. Amendment fails.

1:45 - Sylvia Allen opposes amendment because it would hurt mining industry. Gould opposes too. As does Melvin.

1:42 - Chuck Gray opposes because housing and construction industries use gravel.

1:41 - Burns opposes amendment because there hasn't been enough time to talk about it. In plain English - "Hey! This railroad is running on time Rios! Quit trying to gum up the works!"

1:37 - Rios floor amendment offered to add in mining severance tax and sand and gravel TPT due to fairness issues - those industries were given a special break years ago, but now should be included in a tax hike that affects the rest of Arizona.

1:37 - SCR1001, sales tax referral to ballot.

1:35 - SB1005, standard deduction adjustment for out of state filers. Passes COW.

1:34 - Gould opposes because it is borrowing. No Harper amendment offered. Passes COW.

1:33 - SB1004, lottery reauthorization and bond repayment.

1:32 - Gould opposes bill on Constitutional grounds, claiming incurs state debt. Passes COW.

1:31 - SB1003, lottery revenue bonding and sale/leaseback. Passes.

1:31 - SB1002, education rollover, passes COW.

1:30 - COW passes SB1001, special election. No amendments or debate.

1:29 - First hiccup - a motion to limit debate to 2 minutes per senator per motion failed.

1:26 - Barbara Leff chairing Committee of the Whole.

1:26 - 2nd read and moving into Committee of the Whole (COW)

1:25 - 28 in attendance, 2 vacancies.

1:23 - Taking attendance

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