Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Senate Approps - regular session

Sloppy post ahead, in "live blogging" style, but not with the constant updating. Done as one piece...

Now they're on regular session stuff.

Most of the agenda was mundane, so I didn't post on that.

But now we are up to the good stuff.

SCR1015, with a Pearce striker to refer TABOR-like restrictions on state revenues to the ballot.

Pearce is talking about the bill as a way to prevent future budget crises. He's trying to present the bill as harmless. Aboud doesn't seem to be buying it.

Pearce says this would allow for growth but not "extreme spending."

Aguirre doesn't seem to be buying into Pearce's spiel either.

Pearces says the bill is not "TABOR," but specifies that TABOR is about spending caps and this bill is about revenue caps.

OK, this is degenerating into an ideological debate on tax cuts vs. rebates, and has nothing to do with the crisis facing the state. Yawn.

Pearce is complaining about how little of the budget that the lege controls. Apparently wants to use this as a backdoor around Prop 105 so he can cut voter-mandated programs (not sure of this, will need to read the specific language later...)

Gould says this isn't TABOR, and states that Colorado voters should have just suspended it instead of repealing it.

It's TABOR, folks.

An AARP lobbyist is now speaking. They are nervous about it.

Bill passes on a party-line vote.

SCR1033. a proposal to refer a repeal Prop 105 to the voters up next.

Aboud asks how much in appropriations is protected by Prop 105. Billions.

Pearce decries Prop 105 because is was rooted in a movement to decriminalize marijuana (only he called it "legalizing heroin"). Says a tax increase would not be on the table today if it wasn't for Prop 105.

Calls it "taking the handcuffs off of" the elected legislature.

Harper supports it, but doesn't think it will pass because of all the groups that have benefitted from it will fight it.

A lobbyist from Americans for Tax Reform, Barry Aarons, is speaking in favor of this measure. Says that Prop 105 removed the lege's ability to act as a check on the public.

He's right, but that was the point in the first place - the lege had abused its power and was slapped down for its trouble.

Sandy Bahr of the Sierra Club is signed in against but not speaking.

Sylvia Allen is voting yes, but blathering on about it, while John Kavanagh, Pearce's analog in the House, walks in with a huge smile on his face.

Pearce is now blaming George Soros for the troubles of the state. No joke.

Vote went as expected - party-line pass, Rios out of the room and not voting. Not sure why.

Meeting adjourned after about an hour and 20 minutes.

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Martyrmama said...

Angry white man needs a little anger management. LOL ::snort:: Pearce blames George Soros. LOL I have a serious case of the giggles over this for reasons I cannot quite articulate. It is SO good I couldn't make it up there today...this would have sent me 'round the bend. :::wiping tears::: Oh my...it's just comedy. Tragic comedy but comedy nonetheless.