Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Senate Republican Caucus meeting on the Special Session budget bills

Caucus into order at 11:01.

SCR1001 - Sales tax hike referral to voters.

No comments

SB1005 - Deduction adjustment for out of state filers.

Gray wonders if this is ex post facto because it is retroactive to the beginning of the tax year. It isn't.

Gould says it is an ex post facto tax. Something tells me he will be voting against this one.

SB1001 - Special election.

Some questions, but no serious comments.

SB1002 - Education rollovers

No serious comments, though Sen. Leff wondered if there will be $ available to make the deferred payments.

SB1003 - Lottery revenue bonds and sale/leaseback of state assets.

Harper wonders if the general public will have the opportunity to buy the bonds. A: yes.

Gould thinks this violates the AZ Constitution provisions against state debt. Leff says it doesn't. Gould says it dees.

SB1004 - Lottery stuff.

Harper will run a floor amendment to oppose a Native casino in Glendale. It would allow cities to open casinos if a tribe opens a casino off of its reservation. Wants an "economic war" with the tribes.

Verschoor wonders if they let the lottery expire if that would force tribal casinos to shut down due to the language of the gaming compact. A: Not sure.

Sylvia Allen wonders if an off-reservation casino would allow the state to break the compact and more strongly regulate tribal gaming. A: No. Federal law trumps state law in this area.

Leff wonders if the amendment is germane to the proclamation calling for the special session and asks for a ruling from the Rules attorney.

Gould doesn't think Harper's amendment would work.

Pearce decries the possible spread of gambling and the potential effects.

All bills out of caucus.

Caucus adjourned at 11:29.

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Qwertyman said...

The simple answer to this would be the disallowance of Lottery expiration meaning that the tribal casinos can continue as before. These types of things are usually looked into too much and thought about too heavily. The tribal casinos could create brands that work as online casinos should the Lottery be allowed to expire.