Monday, January 11, 2010

The Governor's State of the State address, 2010 version

The full text of her speech, as prepared for delivery, is here.

Go ahead and read it, but here's my summary -

Her campaign for election is in full flight and she has a stump speech down pat; today she just called it "The State of the State."

Her main campaign plank:

Arizona's mess is not her fault - it's Janet Napolitano's, Terry Goddard's, the federal government's, and the voters' (for approving social spending by referenda).

All can be fixed with corporate tax cuts, fewer regulations, and cuts to social services and education. Oh, and get rid of all of those gosh darn immigrants.

I'll go into more details later, but I'm heading home - turns out that the budget presentation that is scheduled to take place in a committee hearing is the same one that is on the governor's website, and has been for approximately three weeks.


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