Monday, January 11, 2010

They're not ready

Today's opening of the 2nd Session of the 49th Arizona Legislature was marked by many things that we have seen before -

...House Speaker Kirk Adams promising to listen to Democratic proposals...before standing idly by, watching the Governor snub Democratic Attorney General Terry Goddard after her speech...

...Governor Jan Brewer, in her stump speech in the State of the State address, to the resounding cheers of the members of her caucus of the lege, promising to balance the budget on the backs of Arizona's poorest citizens...

...The Governor using her State of the State speech to move to the right, positioning herself as the anti-government (and anti-immigrant, anti-poor people, and anti-fiscal reality) Governor...

...The Governor sounding Presidential...if you consider George W. Bush a good example to follow. She touched upon privatizing government, deregulating industry and funnelling resources to "faith-based" charities. Bush started spouting that stuff in early 2001, and enhanced corporate bottom lines at the expense of effective government and a healthy society for the next eight years...

...The Governor challenging listeners with "if you have a better plan, produce it" while blithely ignoring the fact that the Democrats did "produce" one, nearly a year ago...

...State Senator John Huppenthal using a point of personal privilege to hijack the Senate floor for a speech supporting his run for State Superintendent of Public Instruction (when every other senator was introducing friends and family, he introduced Don Covey, the Maricopa County Superintendent of Schools, and raved about they work that they had done together)...

...State Treasurer Dean Martin, perhaps in preparation for the announcement of his own run for Governor, using the exterior of the old Capitol building as the backdrop for an "unplanned, candid" run-in with Rep. Frank Antenori (R-Don't say I represent Tucson, even though I do"). The reason for the quotes around "unplanned, candid"? The TV cameraman and the photographer that he kept waiting outside until the crowds passing through the doors thinned out enough for their purposes...

- It may come to pass later this year that the Republicans in the legislature and the Governor will finally take the state's budget issues seriously.

- It may come to pass later this year that the Republicans in the legislature and the Governor will finally engage with their Democratic colleagues to discuss solutions for the state's problems.

- It may come to pass later this year that the Republicans in the legislature and the Governor will finally step away from their ideological talking points and knuckle down to doing some real work to address the state's fiscal crisis.

But it hasn't come to pass yet, and it may never - they're not ready.

They're not ready to be professional government officials and anti-government panderers second.

They're not ready to be public servants first and partisan ideologues second.

They're not ready to be Arizonans first and Republicans second.

They're just not ready.

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Andrea for Arizona said...

Opening day is usually an event not to be missed. I passed this year and spent the day speaking to voters in Legislative District 30 who are very frustrated with their Representatives who go up to Phoenix and forget about the people of southern Arizona.

Sound Policy over Politics,

Andrea Dalessandro
Candidate for Legislative District 30 Representative
2214 E. Falcon Vista Dr.
Green Valley, AZ 85614
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