Thursday, July 02, 2009

The Special Session of the lege is starting to take shape

It's early yet, but there are already some moves at the lege regarding the special session starting on Monday.

On the lege's website, there have already been 12 bills posted for the special session, SB1001 thru SB1012 (though only the text for SB1001 hase been posted so far). Right now, they're all vehicle bills, placeholder "technical correction" bills meant to be amended into whatever budget "compromise" is worked out between the Governor and the Republicans in the lege.

I say "Republicans" because there is no evidence as yet that she is willing to even meet with the Democratic caucus, much less actually negotiate with them.

No calendars, floor or committee, have been posted so far, but that will probably change by the end of the weekend.

In an interesting development, SB1001 was dropped under Jack Harper's name. It's interesting because he was *not* a major part of this week's last minute negotiations between the Governor and legislative leadership (at least, he was wandering around the Senate floor while Burns and the rest were with the Governor on Tuesday.)

Next week could be interesting...


Jen said...

is Harper's name being dropped to give cover to the party and those who signed the "No Tax Pledge" or is he the sacrificial lamb? he said clearly in Monday's Senate Appropriations mtg that he was NOT with the Dems, but OPPOSED to any tax and wanted it noted for the record he was on his own.

cpmaz said...

I'm not sure. I mean, and it's hard to tell from my writings, but I'm *not* a Republican insider. Shocking, I know.


Seriously, I expect that it's mostly a case of the bills have to be under the name of someone who's actually going to show up for the special session.

Burns is scheduled to be out of the country (I haven't heard of that changing yet), and most of the other leadership (Pearce, Gorman, Chuck Gray) are even harder-core than Harper. They probably aren't allowing their names to be associated with this in any way.

The dynamics of the special session are going to be interesting. One of the keys will be if they even get a quorum.

I think they will, but that's not a guarantee.

Eli Blake said...

Well, at least Jan Brewer didn't take a page from Sarah Palin:

when the going gets tough, quit.

I'd say I'm (pleasantly) shocked, but there are so many dysfunctional Republicans in the news anymore that Sarah Palin's lunacy doesn't even stand out anymore.

cpmaz said...

Eli - it may not stand out, but it's still worthy of a post. :))