Thursday, July 02, 2009

Some days, I really miss Emily Derose...

...and some of her brilliant press releases skewering the AZGOP and its various functionaries...

Emily (Bittner) Derose used to be the Communications Director for the Arizona Democratic Party. She has moved onward and upward, taking a similar position with the Democratic Governors Association.

One of the things that always impressed me was her ability to wield sarcasm like a scalpel. Most of us in the AZ blogosphere tend to pride ourselves on our snarkiness, but our skills in that regard are chainsaw-like compared to her deft touch.

I was reminded of that today when I received one of her press releases via email from PRNewswire -
Celebrate the Fourth With Michele Bachmann

This Fourth of July, celebrate our freedom with Michele Bachmann's unique brand of patriotism!

From the woman who said that President Obama may have "anti-American views" and that reporters should investigate which elected officials are "pro-America," comes news that she is considering a run for governor of Minnesota.

If Michele Bachmann knows anything, it's that out-dated ideas -- like helping the middle class -- are ruining this country. And in a year when hospitals are struggling, teachers are being laid off and road repairs are delayed, Bachmann's ideas are exactly what we need if we are going to truly protect our billionaires.

As Bachmann weighs her gubernatorial options, the Democratic Governors Association is helping Minnesotans remind their friends and family about how she would celebrate.

Visit to send your very own Fourth of July e-card to your friends and family.
When I saw the subject line in my email this morning ("Celebrate the Fourth With Michele Bachmann"), I groaned and saved it for later. I figured it was legit, and might be worth a "state of the kookocracy" post at most.

Then I read it this afternoon, and had the best laugh I've had all week, though there was strong competition for that honor from the lobbyists doing the wave in the House gallery on Tuesday while we all waited for the lege to get to work.

Anyway, I hope Emily is doing well, and hope she is able to direct some of her jabs at the Republicans in the hunt for the AZ governor's job next year. There should be plenty of material for her to work with here in 2010.


Eli Blake said...

My fear is that with Republican Lions like Mark (don't cry for me Argentina) Sanford, Sarah (I quit) Palin and Rick (I quit and I'm taking my whole state with me) Perry populating the ranks of GOP Governors even Jan Brewer isn't dysfunctional enough.

Eli Blake said...

I do agree though, that Emily was a class act and sorely missed.