Friday, July 03, 2009

Palin Quits

Wonder if her passport will show trips to Argentina?

From AP -
Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin abruptly announced Friday she is resigning from office at the end of the month, a shocking move that rattled the Republican party but left open the possibility she would seek a run for the White House in 2012.

Palin, 45, and her staff kept her future plans shrouded in mystery, and it was unclear if the controversial hockey mom would quietly return to private life or begin laying the foundation for a presidential bid.


"Many just accept that lame duck status, and they hit that road. They draw a paycheck. They kind of milk it. And I'm not going to put Alaskans through that," she said.

Ummm...yeah. Whatever you say, Governor.

Hey, at least the cover story isn't "hiking the Appalachian Trail" or somesuch BS.

Still, it will be fun waiting for the other shoe to drop. And yes, that is my way of saying that I fully expect that there is some sort of Palin scandal or crisis that is going to break, and break soon (meaning this summer).

BTW - Here's to hoping that she doesn't follow Ted Stevens' lead and move to AZ after she is out of office. We have more than our share of GOP whack-jobs of the homegrown variety; we don't need to import any more.

Edit on 7/4 to add:

BTW2 - Here's to hoping that she doesn't follow former Sen. Larry Craig's (R-Airport Restroom) lead and promise to resign and then renege on that promise.

She's raised the hopes of Americans in Alaska and across the country; we should all be wary of a move to dash those hopes.

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