Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Well, something's happening in the House...

Not sure if it is budget-related, though.

Both parties just held brief caucus meetings (so brief that most observers couldn't get to them before the meetings were finished).

In addition, a number of Representatives are making their way back to the House floor, and the 10 minute bell just sounded.

BTW - I had a truly brilliant* idea while my mind was wandering, waiting for the lege to get its act together -

I think that if the lege doesn't pass a budget, all state flags should be lowered to half-mast until the budget is done. In addition, the AZ flag flying over the Capitol should be flown upside down. An upside down flag used to be nearly-universally used to signal that a ship was in distress, and people from all across the political spectrum agree that the ship of state in Arizona is foundering badly.

*brilliant = "sounded like a wonderfully wiseass idea to me." :)

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