Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Holding pattern

Had a dentist's appointment today, and rushed down to the lege afterward.

Turns out, there was no need to rush.

Nothing is happening right now.

Over in the Senate earlier today, Senate Rules heard all of the bills that were railroaded through Senate Education last night, and passed all of them.

Except for the one referring a hike in the sales tax to the voters.


According to one source, the Governor is in the Speaker's office with the Senate President and together they are calling in the Democrats one-by-one to try to browbeat them into supporting the budget.

That approach doesn't seem to be working too well.

The Senate floor session is in recess, as is the House. Members of the House are milling about on the floor while the backroom deal-making/arm-twisting continues.

There are a number of lobbyists and Capitol watchers in the House gallery, and a while ago, they were doing the wave.

It was actually pretty funny, and easily the most entertaining thing I've seen down here.

Anyway, I plan on hanging here for a while, and checking in with a few of the folks that I know.

More updates when there is something to update.

8 1/2 hours to a shutdown...

1 comment:

Eli Blake said...

There is no way the Democrats should sign on to a 'tax cuts for the rich, pass it on to the poor' plan.

I could see the logic in their holding their collective noses and at least some of them voting for the sales tax referendum as a necessity IF the legislature hadn't passed a quarter billion dollar tax cut for businesses (and the flat tax), but with those cuts it becomes not a sales tax to backfill the defict, but rather a sales tax to backfill the tax cuts for the rich.

And I'm glad that Democrats won't go there.