Tuesday, June 30, 2009

House in session...live blogging

4:51 - HB2290 referred to engrossing. House Rules to meet. House recessing.

4:49 - HB2290 is Ed Ableser's bill to give relief to deployed military members from long-term health club contracts. Bill amended. COW ends.

4:48 - Into COW to amend HB2290.

4;46 - SCR1026, Anti-EFCA resolution, House passes 35 - 24, party line vote.

4:43 - SB1466, under reconsideration. Council on efficient government (aka "the outsource everything" bill), Bill fails again. Yea!

4:42 - SB1459, Cold Case register, victim report, House passes unanimously.

4:37 - SB1320, ADOT omnibus, House passes, Lesko, Burges, Chad Campbell, Murphy, Boone, Sinema, Hendrix, Biggs, Patterson, Farley, Antenori, Stevens, Montenegro, Ash, Crump, Deschene and Seel opposing. Interesting combo there. (I missed a couple of names, check the record of the vote once it is posted online for a complete list.)

4:34 - SB1262, Workers Comp omnibus, House passes unanimously.

4:31 - SB1113, Jack Harper's and Russell Pearce's (and the NRA's) guns in restaurants and bars, House passes 40 - 19, Ugh.

4:30 - HB2603, Amendments, Clean Elections, needs 2/3 to enact emergency clause, House passes, Patterson sole opposition.

4:27 - HB2199, Corporations and LLC omnibus, House passes unanimously.

4:26 - HB2118, ASRS, LTD amendments, House passes unanimously.

4:23 - HB2031, relating to schools: contractors, fingerprint clearance, House passes unanimously. Not budget related.

4:22 - Gavelled in, but nothing happening as Adams confers with some folks...

4:19 - Gavelled into order, lots of teachers in the gallery.

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