Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ableser gives up a bill to get it passed

A more complete explanation of what happened at the end of the House floor session, courtesy a press release from the House Dems -

Rep. Ed Ableser, D-Tempe (District 17), has signed on his support today for a bill sponsored by Sen. Jim Waring, R-Phoenix, to allow deployed military members to cancel or suspend their gym memberships, a bill identical to Ableser’s original bill.

Both Ableser and Waring's bills allow active duty members of the military to cancel or suspend a health club contract within 90 days after receiving notice they were being deployed outside of Arizona . Ableser introduced similar legislation the previous two years.

“It’s not about who sponsored what and when at a time when our troops are protecting our freedom,” Ableser said. “We have a sacred duty to support our best and bravest in these times of sacrifice.”

Nearly 600,000 veterans live in Arizona and Ableser originally drafted the bill after one of them, a former House page and constituent, was deployed to Iraq and realized her health club was going to continue to charge her monthly until her contract with the club expired. (See story)

In order to get one of the bills passed before the June 30 deadline, the decision was made to substitute Waring’s Senate Bill 1407 for Ableser’s House Bill 2290 because there was not enough time for both the bills to travel through the House and Senate.

“Our Arizona military servicemen and women risk their lives and pay the ultimate price,” Ableser said. “The least we could do is make sure they aren’t paying even more at home while they are out fighting for us.”

Now the House is in recess, and taking dinner at 6. Don't know when this session is going to get done.

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