Saturday, March 11, 2017

Committees update

Yes, it's only 2017, but many candidates are already stepping forward for races in 2018.

In some cases, it's out of necessity - the races are so involved that an effective campaign needs time to sufficiently get up to speed (i.e. - fundraise).

In other cases, it about trying to clear the field (i.e. - minimize viable opposition).

In a few cases, it's about getting in some practice early on so that when campaign season gets fully up to speed, they'll be in full throat when they bay at the moon (we *are* talking about AZ, after all :) ).

Things will change before the cycle is over.  Some of the current candidates will discontinue their candidacies, and other people will jump in.

Also, races for seats in the legislature are still in almost complete flux; those will be covered at a later date.  This post will be all about races for statewide offices and seats in Congress.

On to the meat of this post (where a city is included - "Candidate X of city ABC", the city is based on the committee address)...

In CD9, seat currently held by Democrat (in name, anyway) Kyrsten Sinema, Irina Baroness von Behr of Tempe has filed for the race for the Republican nomination.  She was last seen running for a seat on the Tempe City Council, where she finished a distant last.

Talia Fuentes of Tempe has filed for the race for the Democratic nomination in CD9.  Her filing with the FEC specifically states that she the seat in CD9, but her website only discusses CD5.

Dave Giles of Gilbert has filed for another run at the Republican nomination in CD9.

Edna San Miguel of Tucson has filed for a run at the R nomination in CD3 (currently held by *D Raul Grijalva).
*Edited; a reader at Blog for Arizona spotted an error on my part.  Originally, I stated that the seat was held by Republican Paul Gosar.  I regret the error and thank Mr. Cizek for noticing and bringing it to my attention

Brianna Westbrook of Sun City has filed for a run at the D nomination in CD8 (currently held by R Trent Franks).

Noah Dyer of Phoenix has filed IRS paperwork and AZSOS paperwork for a run at the Democratic nomination for governor.

Pat Quinn of Tucson has filed IRS paperwork for an independent run for US Senate.

Stacie Banks of Phoenix has filed for an independent run for Superintendent of Public Instruction.

Tom Forese, currently a member of the Arizona Corporation Commission, has filed for a run for the R nomination for State Treasurer.

Randy Grivel of Glendale has filed for a run for the R nomination for Arizona Corporation Commission.

Katie Hobbs of Phoenix, currently the Democratic leader in the Arizona State Senate (and my representative there) is running for the D nomination for AZ Secretary of State.

Kathy Hoffman of Glendale has filed for a run at the D nomination for Superintendent of Public Instruction.

Tracy Livingston of Peoria, wife of wingnut state legislator David Livingston, has filed for the R nomination for Superintendent of Public Instruction.

Greg Stanton, currently the mayor of Phoenix, has filed for a run at the D nomination for AZ Secretary of State.  Caveat:  The committee to do that may just be a "placeholder" committee.

Stu Starky of Phoenix has filed for a run at the Green Party nomination for Superintendent of Public Instruction.

Former state senator Kelli Ward is mounting a campaign to oppose Jeff Flake in the R primary for US Senate.

Rumors, or at least stuff that has been said but can't yet be confirmed by agency filings:

Rumors have current AZ Treasurer Jeff Dewit considering a run against Flake for the R nomination for US Senate.  While he has not officially stated his plans for 2018, he has stated that he will not be running for reelection as state treasurer.  If the US Senate thing doesn't work out, he may part of the Trump administration's bench, getting called in to fill a vacancy when turnover there inevitably occurs.


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