Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Live blogging the results

...Apologies to readers.  Due to a technical issue, I was unable to access the internet while at the Democratic Party gathering in downtown Phoenix.  Will post pics in a later post...

6:27 - Reports still rolling of VERY long lines in Tempe, Mesa, and South Phoenix in heavily D or Latino areas.  The problem seems to be the provisional ballot scam/shortage that many polling places are experiencing here in Maricopa County.  Also, there is a report of an Assistant US Attorney/DOJ contingent flying to Yuma to look into issues there.

6:19 - Updating the most watched contest of the night:  Ball State is leading Toledo in the first quarter of their game, 7 - 0.

6:15 - GA called for Romney.  Again, no surprises yet.  Florida looks like it will be interesting.  "Interesting" is a euphemism for "f*cked up".

6:02 - CNN calls CT, DE, MA, DC, IL, MD, ME (3 of 4 electoral votes; 1 is still too close to call) and RI for Obama; OK for Romney.  Also call FL-Sen for incumbent Bill Nelson (D) over Connie Mack (IV or V, can't remember right now).

5:41 - CNN calls SC for Romney; Obama ahead by 63K votes in FL.

5:32 - CNN shows Donnelly leading Mourdock (the "rape babies are God's gift" guy) by 2%/~6500 votes.

5:25 - More reports of elevated totals of provisional ballots, especially in Latino-heavy areas.

5:24 - CNN calls IN for Romney.  Not a surprise - a very red state.

5:12 p.m. - They aren't calling FL yet (not by a long shot), but early results (4% of precincts reporting) show Obama up 55% - 45%.  For IN-Sen, the current results show Mourdock (R) ahead of Donnelly (D) by 1000 votes...

5:00 p.m. - First results from VA (via CNN) - CNN calls VT for Obama and KY for Romney.

4:48 p.m. - No results yet, but...

While there haven't been reports yet of any significant voter suppression activities in Maricopa County (stressing the "yet"), there have been reports of general incompetence/poor preparation on the part of poll workers manning some polling places, particularly in South Phoenix and SW Maricopa County.

Apparently, in the event of the slightest bit of confusion, poll workers in those areas default to "oh, just fill out a provisional ballot".

Even if those are counted, it takes much longer to count those than normal day-of and early ballots.

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