Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Nationally, a good night for Democrats

It wasn't a clean sweep nationally, but the Democrats did about as well as could be hoped for during Election 2012.  Along with Barack Obama's re-election, the Democrats actually *gained* seats in the US Senate (something that no one expected).  Some non-AZ results that may be of general interest (all vote totals are unofficial and subject to change as provisional and absentee ballots are counted; generally, the sources for those numbers are the secretaries of state in the respective states):


Donnelly D - 819450
Mourdock R- 797811


Baldwin D - 1299246
Thompson R -1197062

Brown D - B
Mandel R

Casey D - 2900728
Smith R - 2417779

Kaine D - 1874745
Allen R - 1705164

Murphy D - C
McMahon R

Warren D - E
Brown R

McCaskill D - 1484683 Akin R - 1063698

Texas - F
Sadler D - 2017224
Cruz R - 2949053


WI 7 - H
Kreitlow D - 155068
Duffy R - 200033

WI 1 - G
Derban D - 157721
Ryan R - 199715

FL 18 - J
Murphy D - 160328
West R - 157872

MN 6 - K
Graves D - 175924
Bachmann R - 180131

A - The Libertarian in the Indiana Senate race received 98K votes, while Donnelly looks like he will win by ~20K.  Cue up video of Republican heads exploding.

B - I can't find the numbers right now, but every source that I *can* find has Brown as the victor.

C - Again, I can't find specific numbers right now, but all sources indicate a solid win for Murphy.

E - No numbers yet, but a victory for Warren, ousting Brown after he spent two years filling the Senate seat once held by Ted Kennedy.

F - This one is included here because Cruz is a wingnut.  However, his victory is not a surprise.

G - Paul Ryan's Congressional re-election race.  Not a surprise (he outspent his challenger by a margin of 9 or 10 to 1), but I was hopeful.

H - Progressive icon Dave Obey used to hold this seat, and I (and many others) hoped that the Ds would retake this seat.  They didn't.

J - Wingnut Republican Allen West is behind in his re-election race, but it's *Florida*.  Final results may not be in for a while.  After the lawyers get involved.

K - Wingnut Republican Michelle Bachmann is ahead in her re-election race.  :((

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