Sunday, April 01, 2012

The coming week...

As usual, all agendas and calendars are subject to change without notice. 

And given that the lege is expected to end its session within the next few weeks, things could start getting crazy down there...well, crazier than usual, anyway. :)

...On the House side of the Capitol -

No House committee agendas have been posted as yet, but the agenda for a House Rules committee from Thursday, March 29 should serve as a good preview of floor activity this week. 

That agenda included gems such as SB1083, creating the Arizona Special Missions Unit, a state government sanctioned anti-immigrant vigilante force and SB1104, appropriating nearly $300K to the Republicans' Joint Border Security Advisory Committee.

Monday's Third Read Calendar (final approval) includes SB1311, which would raise the limit on small claims court actions heard by justice courts from $10K to $15K (has constitutional issues); and SB1259, reconsideration of a measure from Sen. Rich Crandall (that failed Thursday with bipartisan support and opposition) that would mandate that public schools allow students to enroll in online courses, with the subsequent redirection of public school funding to the providers, presumably private, of the online courses (Crandall has ties to, and isn't above using his elected office to promote, a private company in the online education business).

Other bills that could be seen on the House floor this week (and this isn't meant to be a comprehensive list):  SB1449, weakening the state's recall election law; SB1507, barring the state, its agencies, and any counties, municipalities, or other political subdivisions from doing anything to implement the UN's Rio Declaration on Environment and Development (appears to be an ALEC/Koch Brothers special);  and SB1359, immunizing doctors from civil liability related any failure to inform patients of a fetus' genetic defects or other medical issues (it's meant to allow doctors to misinform patients if their purpose is too prevent people from choosing an abortion).

On the Senate side of the Capitol -

- Rules is scheduled to meet Monday at 1 p.m. in Caucus Room 1.

The following committees are meeting to consider executive nominations:

- Judiciary, Monday, 2 p.m., SHR1 (one to watch - the appointments under consideration are for county trial court appointment boards and the state commission on judicial conduct; in other words, this one is all about the future of the state's judiciary)
- Veterans, Military, and Government Affairs, Tuesday, upon adjournment of the meeting of the Joint Legislative Budget Committee (JLBC), SHR3
- Government Reform, Tuesday, 1 p.m., SHR1
- Commerce and Energy, Wednesday, 9 a.m., SHR109
- Water, Land Use, and Rural Development, Wednesday, 2 p.m., SHR3
- Finance, Thursday, 9 a.m., SHR109
- Natural Resources and Transportation, Thursday, 9:30 a.m., SHR109

Monday's Third Read calendar includes HB2557, Sen. Frank Antenori's attack on municipal use of photo radar to enforce traffic laws (basically, he's sick of getting tickets); Committee of the Whole (COW) includes HB2071, an anti-protester bill that would make passive resistance of (aka failure to actively cooperate with) an arrest a class 1 misdemeanor; HB2503, increasing protections for corporations from product liability lawsuits; HB2826, mandating that all elections in AZ, with the exception of certain special elections, be held in even numbered years on an August/November schedule.

Not on Monday's calendar as of this writing, but almost certain to make an appearance this week, is HB2625, Debbie Lesko's anti-contraception bull bill.  It was defeated last week, but Sen. Nancy Barto moved to reconsider, or bring back, the measure, and that motion passed. 

The lege's calendar of events at the Capitol this week is here; the Arizona Capitol Times' Capitol Calendar is here.

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