Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Congressman wears hoodie in solidarity with Trayvon Martin, kicked out of House chamber

I truly wish Harry Mitchell was still my representative in Congress, and truly hope that David Schapira becomes my representative there next year. 

It was great to have a representative in Congress who was worthy of respect like Harry was, not least because of his respect for his constituents.

David will be worthy of the same respect, for much the same reason.

However, for now, for a day, the representative who is most worthy of my respect isn't from Arizona (and certainly isn't from Fountain Hills) -

Pic courtesy AP via

Congressman Bobby Rush was removed from the floor of the House for wearing a hoodie to bring attention to the murder of Trayon Martin and the subsequent free pass given to the killer by the police in Florida.

For having the heart and backbone (and yes, the sense of theatrics) to stand up, for today anyway, Rep. Rush is my Congressman.

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