Wednesday, March 28, 2012

There must be something in the water...

There must be some kind of contamination in the "water" that the Republicans at the lege drink at their tea party meetings, ALEC bribe-fests "educational meetings" and country club cocktail meetings. 

Many of them seem to be suffering from bouts of diarrhea of the keyboard and the mouth.

...Just a guess here, but it seems that Rep. Jack Harper (R-Surprise!) got his jealousy on after seeing most of the progressive blogosphere show its "love" for Sen. Frank Antenori (R-"Don't Make Me Mad").  He apparently started this week with the goal of regaining his spot at the top of the "moron" list.

He may have already succeeded in returning to the top of that list, and accomplished that task by Monday.

Channel 15 has the story here and 12News posted a pic of an email exchange that Harper had with a woman who wrote to the entire lege regarding AZ's status as a national laughingstock due to .

The pic -

Yes, that's our Jack.  He's normally incapable of actual civic discourse, but this is over the top even for him.

...State Rep. Brenda Barton (R-Safford) had a similar response for someone who took to Facebook to criticize one of her pet bills, insulting the reading ability and intelligence of someone who objected to language (full exchange here, courtesy Lisa Kerr).

These were just diarrhea of the keyboard; the symptoms can be relieved simply revoking the internet privileges of the legislators involved.

However, former state senator Russell Pearce, perhaps showing the kind of coordination that made him president of the state senate...and the first sitting legislator in AZ history to be recalled and ousted from office, he is exhibiting the symptoms of both diarrhea of the keyboard and of the mouth.

First up, the keyboard -

Yes, Pearce wrote that anybody who opposes him or just simply reports the facts about him is "evil."

Ummm...if his sensibilities are so tender that he can't handle disagreement or public examination of his positions and actions, perhaps he should reconsider his chosen path in life as a candidate/office holder - politics is all about disagreement, and running for and holding office is all about being in the public spotlight.

Just sayin'...

Next up, the mouth -

Stephen Lemons of the Phoenix New Times has the story of Pearce's repeated lies about how his church supports his nativist agenda.

When a man is so duplicitous as to mislead others about his faith, what does it say about his character?

The question is more complicated in the case of former state Senate President Russell Pearce, because he's been caught fibbing about his religion before, during his failed effort to win in last year's recall election.


At a packed meeting of Legislative District 18 Republicans last year, Pearce told his most politically damaging lie yet, claiming that the LDS church had green-lighted his breathing-while-brown legislation, Arizona Senate Bill 1070.

"I got hold of the church headquarters in Salt Lake," Pearce avowed. "And they said they absolutely do not oppose what Arizona is doing."

When video showing Pearce making this statement surfaced, the LDS church smacked down Pearce — hard.

Contacted by Channel 12's Brahm Resnik for comment, LDS spokesman Michael Purdy said that the church had not taken a stand "on any specific immigration legislation in Arizona."

Purdy also said, "We have made our position on immigration clear. The church believes that an enforcement-only approach is inadequate."

But this message meant nothing to Pearce. One week before the announcement of his LD 25 run, Pearce repeated the canard when confronted by a caller on his Monday-night radio show on KFNX 1100 AM, sponsored by the nativist organization Ban Amnesty Now, of which Pearce is president.

"I called [the church's] PR room personally," Pearce contended. "They said they were not opposed to Senate Bill 1070."

Ummm2...maybe lying about the LDS church and its position on a specific issue isn't the best way to win over an LDS-heavy district.

Just sayin'2...

Maybe their "friends" at ALEC and elsewhere should consider adding a little Kaopectate to the cocktails andtea that are served to the R legislators.

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