Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Quick Fists, Tin Ear: Bundgaard files ethics complaint against Ethics Committee

From the Phoenix New Times, written by Stephen Lemons -
State Senator Scott Bundgaard, facing an ethics complaint and possible expulsion from the Senate for his roadside fracas with his now former girlfriend and his invocation of legislative immunity, has filed an ethics complaint against three members of the state Senate Ethics Committee, which is currently set to hold hearings on Bundgaard in October.

A letter that Bundgaard sent to Sen. Ron Gould, the chair of the Ethics Committee, one of the three senators targeted by Bundgaard, and one of Bundgaard's fellow Republicans. detailing Bundgaard's allegations against the three senators is here, courtesy the Arizona Republic.

It's a rather curious tactic for Bundgaard - he's attacking his colleagues, colleagues whose support he needs to keep his job.

What's even more curious is that his fellow Republicans were/are predisposed to giving him a free pass on this.  Attacking one of them, even one who can be a thorn in the side of the rest of the R caucus (Gould thinks most of them are too liberal.  Go figure) may be ill-advised.

Gould may be known as a major pain in the {pick your favorite body part to complete this particular metaphor}, but he is also viewed as a "what you see is what you get" kind of guy.  You may see a raging Confederate apologist, nativist and worse, but he's honest and open about it.  I may never again write anything remotely complimentary about him (his politics are profoundly appalling), but he's straight up about certain things.

And one of those things is that it is wrong to assault women.

With every move that Bundgaard or his PR advisor (Jason Rose?) come up with, it becomes easier for his fellow senators from both sides of the political aisle to oust him.

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