Monday, September 19, 2011

Meet the "Mr. Flexible" of Arizona politics, Wes Gullett

..."Mr. Flexible", as in "flexible enough to speak out of both sides of his mouth"...

Wes Gullett, the long-time lobbyist who now looking to become mayor of Phoenix has a problem. 

During the initial part of the campaign, there were six candidates.  Five of them, including Gullett, were Republicans trying to pull votes from the same base.  One of them, Gullett, decided to troll for votes in anyway that he could.

Including telling different audiences completely opposite things in order to curry favor with them.

From the May 26th African American Democratic Caucus at the Greater Bethel AME Church -

Relevent quote: “We need to go to Washington and get that Head Start money and we need to make sure that we get the money that we need for our schools from the federal government as well,”

From the August 15 Phoenix Chamber of Commerce debate -

Relevent quote: “We don’t have to go to Washington to get money for early childhood education.”   He argued that instead, the money from First Things First should be taken and given to the state government so that the state doesn't have to spend so much money on education.

Gullett now has to try to explain his conflicting statements to the various groups he has pandered to.

By contrast, Greg Stanton's position on education has been consistent, and is here.

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Phoenix Justice said...

Mr. Gullett is almost like Mitt Romney, both bend with the wind of popular thought so much I am surprised they don't break in half.