Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sen. Frank Antenori responds to DPS hacking incident by advocating for a Sharia-like punishment

By now, most folks have heard of the incident where the hacker group LulzSec accessed then released some confidential records from the Arizona Department of Public Safety.

Arizona's new House Speaker Andy Tobin (R-bleepin' Yankees fan) responded with predictable outrage, stating that the hackers should be "prosecuted to the full extent possible."

Sen. Frank Antenori (R-Don't say I represent Tucson, even though I live there!), responded just as predictably, advocating for a massive expansion of "full extent possible."

From the Political Insider in today's Arizona Republic -
Quote of the week: "We should cut off their fingers." - State Sen. Frank Antenori, R-Tucson, suggesting the appropriate punishment for those who hacked into DPS e-mails.
Ummm...the last time I checked, Arizona criminal law doesn't call for the amputation of body parts as punishment.

However, Sharia law does.

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