Saturday, June 25, 2011

Campaign committees update

Still slow on the committees front, but a few have formed since the last I'm going to engage in a little speculation at the end of the post...

...Republican State Sen. Ron Gould (R-Confederate Flag) of Lake Havasu is termed out of the Senate next year, and has made some noises about running for Congress or Yuma County supervisor but hasn't yet officially announced his post-state senate plans.  Not to worry, however, Lake Havasuans (not sure if that is even a word) will still have the opportunity to vote for a Kool Aid drinker.

Salvatore Luke "Sam" Scarmardo has opened a committee for the Republican nomination for LD3 state senate.  Scarmado was a candidate for Congress in 2002, failing to make it on to the ballot at the time.  In his announcement, he called Gould his "good friend" and decried "Republicans in name only" and Democrats in the lege for all that ails the state.

...Republican State Rep. Terri Proud has formed a PAC called called the Southern AZ PAC.  Not sure what is going on there.

...In Maricopa County news, one Jennifer Fichera has formed a $500 Threshold committee for a run county supervisor.  No district is listed, but based on her Scottsdale address, she lives in Don Stapley's current district.

...Also in Maricopa County, a committee has been formed for the recall on one Jimmy Welch, president of the Nadaburg Unified School District in Wittman.  Not sure what is going on out there, but a recent meeting was "colorful".

...Finally, the outright speculation part of the post - Sara Presler, mayor of Flagstaff, has announced that she will not seek another term as mayor.  She stated that she remains "committed to public service," fueling speculation that she is eyeing a run for Congress next year.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Craig,

While other folks in Flagstaff have only formed "exploratory" campaign committees, I am the only person to file an actual campaign committee for Mayor of Flagstaff.

You can learn more about me and our campaign at

Best wishes,
Paul Kulpinski