Friday, November 05, 2010

Keith Olbermann "suspended" for donating to Democratic candidates

Time to boycott MSNBC.

Not for their suspension of Olbermann for violating what could be a legitimate company policy.

Boycott them for it NOT being a legitimate and equitably applied company policy.

Earlier in the decade, noted Republicans and MSNBC personalities Joe Scarbrough and Pat Buchanan made contributions to Republican candidates.

They got a free pass from MSNBC brass.

Fox News uses fabricated stories to attack Democrats and other public servants; MSNBC now uses the power of the paycheck to silence people who tell the truth.

So be it.

CNN is now my cable TV source for news.

Especially since when I called MSNBC to urge them to un-suspend Olbermann, the operator shunted me to a recorded line, and did so without even letting me know she was doing it.

Boycott MSNBC.


CalFed said...

Scarborough cleared his contribution with management before hand--making it "with-in policy" and Buchanan is a "contributor", not an "employee" as Olby is. "Contributors" apparently are governed by a different policy then "employees".

Anonymous said...

As CalFed said.

Ironic that you deride Fox News for lying (hey you have an example, of course don't go to where examples of lies are plastered all over the place), but then you lie to readers to join your movement?

Shut the hell up.

cpmaz said...

Bentley -


Olbermann contributed to Democrats and was suspended.

Scarborough contributed to Republicans and bupkes.

If Olbermann violated a previously established company policy, fine.

The double standard isn't so fine.

Oh, and to enhance your credibility in political discussions, try to come up with something a little more insightful than "Shut the hell up."