Friday, November 05, 2010

Blue Dogs not getting it

One of the few Blue Dogs who survived Tuesday's carnage can't do math - he's looking at the fact that the Blue Dog Democrats in Congress took it on the chin while most of the Progressives turned back challengers as a sign that Nancy Pelosi is too liberal and shouldn't be part of Democratic leadership in the new Congress.

From NewsOK -
U.S. Rep. Dan Boren, D-Muskogee, joined a growing chorus of conservative Democrats who want a new leader in the House in the wake of the party’s devastating losses in the House. Some conservative Democrats who survived on Tuesday have been quoted publicly as saying that they don’t want Speaker Nancy Pelosi, of California, to be the House minority leader next year. Boren agrees.

He released this statement this morning:

“I cannot in good conscience support Nancy Pelosi as Leader. I intend to support a more conservative Democrat alternative.”
I am deeply saddened to see Harry Mitchell. a Blue Dog himself, lose on Tuesday (he has always been about "good governance" and working for his constituents), but many of the Blue Dogs who lost brought this on themselves. 
By opposing things like real health care reform, strong Wall Street regulation, and an effective economic stimulus package, they freely allied themselves with the Republican obstructionists and terminally undermined the ability of the Democrats to make real progress in addressing the economic woes facing the United States.
And all of the polling that I've seen says that frustration with the economy, not a liking for the Republicans, was the main motivator behind the independent voters' swing toward the Rs.
Boren and the rest of his BD associates can blame Nancy Pelosi all that they want, but if they want to assess blame, they should first blame those that they see in the mirror.
BTW - did anyone notice Boren's use of the word "Democrat" where anybody but a Republican would have used "Democratic"?
He's changing parties, probably during the 2011 session of Congress.
More on the Blue Dogs' decimation from Joe Klein of Time here.

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