Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sen. Sylvia Allen: Block Buster

*Writer's* Block Buster, that is...

Sylvia Allen (R-Snowflake) has moved into that pantheon of Republican greats - the ones like Russell Pearce, JD Hayworth, and Jack Harper.

The ones any snarky writer can turn to in times of an empty creative jar.

The ones who can be counted on to provide ample subject material, no matter how dry a spell one is going through.

The ones who can be counted on to open mouth and insert foot, and if they realize what they've done, ask for some mustard to zest things up.

From the Payson Roundup (h/t to a couple of Facebook friends for the link; the Roundup is *not* in the regular rotation of personal reading):
State senate candidates Elaine Bohlmeyer and incumbent Sen. Sylvia Allen faced off during Tuesday’s Clean Elections debate, expressing opposing views on everything from reinvigorating the economy to the state’s role in the immigration and health care debates.


Allen, however, twice referenced communist Germany and China as having possible solutions to some of Arizona’s most daunting problems.


To increase jobs, Allen said the nation should increase manufacturing. “America is in a lot of trouble,” she said. “The government grew this decade faster than the private sector.” Allen said jobs could grow by decreasing government regulation.

She gave the example of China, which she said has a $2 trillion surplus, compared to America, which has a debt of $13.5 trillion, and attributed the difference to less government regulation in China.


When asked about immigration reform, Allen praised the Berlin Wall — although she quickly said, “I hated it,” — for its success at keeping people where the government wanted them.

Ahhhhh....Sylvia, Sylvia, Sylvia - Thank You!

Let's see.  She's...

...brought national ridicule on to Arizona by pronouncing (during a televised senate committee hearing!) that the Earth is 6000 years old and is doing fine, so we should strip mine us some uranium, environmental concerns be damned.

...determined that trees are the reason that Arizona doesn't have enough water (6/15/09 Senate Natural Resources, Infrastructures and Public Debt)

...exhorted her colleagues during a meeting of the Senate Appropriations Committee (7/30/2009) "We have to think 'What are *we* doing for the wealthy?' "

Now she's added a two-fer to her resume of "strange but real" quotes for writers all over the state to ridicule.

Regarding the notion that manufacturing in China is growing because of fewer regulations - China is a Communist country, and is one of the most heavily regulated economies in the world.  They deliberately stifle competition there.  What they don't have much of is environmental regulations, which is why they have one of the most polluted environments in the world to go along with the heavily regulated economy.

And then for a person who claims to support the ideal of "less government" to praise a hated symbol of a tyrannical regime because of its "success at keeping people where the government wanted them"?  [quoting the article's paraphrase of Allen

Good God.

What's next?  Praise for Saudi Arabia for imposition of Sharia law and its emphasis on "traditional" roles for women?

Elaine Bohlmeyer, the Democratic candidate for Senate in LD5, has a campaign slogan of "Bringing Logic To Arizona Government."

I wonder if Allen views that slogan as a direct rebuke?

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