Sunday, October 10, 2010

Time to open the mailbag...

I don't often get *fan* mail sent to me directly on stuff that I've written, or on this blog generally, but it happens once in a while.  Today was just such a "once in a while."

Here is the email, with the name of the writer edited out so that he doesn't think that I'm mocking him -

My name is XYZ,

I have lived here for over 50 years and prefer a Conservative form of government. You say that want more MA people to move out here to change the Lege to Dem.

I say to you, as I say to the Illegals that come to America and want to change our form of government--- Go back home and enjoy

Your form of government that you had there, and leave us to our form of government that works quite well.


My response -

Arizona has one of the worst education systems in the country.

Arizona has a crumbling infrastructure.

Arizona has one of the weakest economies in the country.

Arizona has the highest (or nearly the highest) per capita budget deficit in the country.

There is no light at the end of the tunnel for Arizona.

With all due respect, what is working "so well" with Arizona's conservative government?


Craig McDermott
I took it easy too, to avoid looking like I was mocking him - I could have pointed out that not only can't we see the light at the end of the tunnel, but that the "conservative" government that he reveres so ardently has probably sold off the tunnel the same way that it sold off state properties like the buildings of the legislature.



me said...

Dear XYZ,

I'm just wondering how someone who moves here from within the U.S. is the same as an "illegal"....

At any rate, as an Arizona native (have the birth certificate to prove it, yo!), I gladly roll out my "Welcome!" mat to ANY and ALL MA residents who, like my friend Craig, choose to move here and work to restore sanity to this once ever so grand state.

A once upon a time proud LEGAL Arizona gal

testcase said...

MA has far and away the best public schools in the country. In fact, MA is the only state that is competitive with some of the top countries in education results.

MA also has a much higher per capita income, lower poverty and more corporate head quarters.

Wonder what his/her problem with MA is?