Thursday, July 30, 2009

Live blogging Senate Approps, via streaming video

Joining it in progress...

8:34 - I was hoping to see how this all turns out on the floor of the Senate, but I have to work in the morning. Good night...

8:28 - Tax package passes after Gould calls out his own party on spending too much. A correspondent noted he seems "pissy about getting smacked down by Burns yesterday." Aboud calls out Republicans and their diminishing credibility by cutting taxes for the wealthy while cutting voter-protected services. Pearce is spouting off about marijuana and meth and people who "have decided to not earn a living." A while back, I apologized to my readers for resorting to name-calling and said I wouldn't do so again (other than in a humorous way.)

I apologize again, because I have to say - Pearce is a putz.

8:15 - Harper sounding off on tax pledge, saying that this doesn't violate the pledge he and most of the Rep caucus gave to Grover Norquist. No explanation offered as to why a pledge to an anti-government special interest group is more important than his oath of office or his duties to his constituents.

8:05 - SB1029, the tax package. Ugly.

8:01 - SB1028 passes, Dems and Gould opposing.

7:58 - SB1028, Environment BRB.

7:57 - SB1027 passes 6 - 3.

7:51 - Huppenthal still lecturing. Even Pearce is now calling on him to get to the point. Gould votes "no" out of protest of the suspension of the rules that allowed the bills to be brought forward today.

7:48 - Finally voting on SB1027. Huppenthal lecturing on tax theory. Thinks AZ's cities have "lived high on the hog."

7:45 - Now Harper is going off on the NEA and the "homosexual agenda." And this guy wants to run statewide next year. God help us all.

7:42 - Gould just showed up.

7:38 - Still on SB1027. Back to a debate on tax policy theory. And they haven't gotten to the actual tax bill yet.

7:32 - OMG, quote of the freakin' year! Sylvia Allen - "We have to think 'What are *we* doing for the wealthy?' "

7:26 - Still on SB1027. They broke into a debate on taxes. Listening to Sylvia Allen (R-6000 years) spout off in defense of tax cuts for the wealthy was funny, if not actually enlightening.

7:03 -SB1027, striker into K-12 Education BRB. Rolling back the few good things that came out of the special session earlier this month. Pearce trying to stifle Paula Aboud a little. Unsurprisingly, that's not working too well. :))

7:01 - SB1026, striker into Health and Welfare BRB - eliminates KidsCare Parents among other things. Passes 6-2, Reps for, Dems against. Harper disappointed that it doesn't cut more.

6:56 - SB1025, striker to amend into General Revenues BRB - passing on a party line vote, with a Harper amendment attached that attacks Rio Nuevo in Tucson. Paula Aboud protested, but it still passed.


Mercurious said...

7:32 - OMG, quote of the freakin' year! Sylvia Allen - "We have to think 'What are *we* doing for the wealthy?' "

If there are any half awake Dem's planning on running against her on the next election cycle should run this clip and her 6k year one 24/7.

Thane Eichenauer said...

Did Sylvia Allen actually use the word wealthy or some other term that you are paraphrasing?

Not that there is anything wrong with being wealthy is there?

Of course there is a downside to any Democrat who decides to harp on Sylvia Allen and that is that he may pigeonhole himself as a hate the rich Democrat (of course maybe this is a treasured demographic for Democrats for all I know).

testcase said...

Hardly, Thane. I think people are well aware that the wealthy are well taken care of by the government and politicians are most concerned with their well being. It is just unseemly to mention it publicly.

cpmaz said...

Thane, while she stammered a little and I didn't include that in the quote, it's a direct quote. Take the time to watch the video.