Thursday, September 09, 2010

Crickets chirping

There's been a lot of bluster and name-calling from Republican candidates during this year's election season -



"Cut taxes!"




"Lather, Rinse, Repeat!"

Well, it turns out there is a quick and efficient way to get Republicans to shut up - challenge them to stand up and actually explain their positions civilly.

- Candidate for governor Terry Goddard has challenged Jan Brewer to a series of debates all over the state, but she has refused to participate in any more than the one that she was required to participate in as a condition of accepting Clean Elections funding.

She has refused to do so, but given her thorough faceplant of a performance in the CE debate, her reluctance in understandable.  Though not acceptable.

- Treasurer candidate Andrei Cherny has challenged Doug Ducey to a series of debates, but thus far, he has also declined to participate, perhaps out of fear that his financial misdeeds (here and here) would become a topic of discussion.

- Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick has challenged Republican nominee Paul Gosar to some debates, but the career dentist and tea party favorite is avoiding a direct confrontation with the incumbent in CD1.

- Jon Hulburd, the Democratic nominee in CD3, has challenged Ben "Dirty Scottsdale" Quayle to some debates, but apparently, the Republican nominee is hoping Daddy's name recognition and money connections will keep him from having to mount an actual campaign.

- CD2 Congressional candidate John Thrasher reports that Republican incumbent Trent Franks has agreed to a debate.  Just not to "minor" details like a place and a time...

In fact, the only R candidate who has accepted a debate challenge outside of one required by Clean Elections rules is John McCain, who will be debating Democratic challenger Rodney Glassman on September 26.

Other than that one example, however, the only sound one hears when the R candidates are challenged to put up or shut up is the sound of

Crickets chirping.


Thane Eichenauer said...

You may have overlooked the fact that Doug Ducey has challenged his Democratic opponent to 15 debates.

I wish I could tell you where I read this but I forgot.

“I believe that a business-oriented approach and a strong financial background in the Treasurer’s office can help get Arizona back on track. That’s why I’m challenging Democrat nominee Andrei Cherny to a debate on the issues in each of Arizona’s 15 counties.”

Pamela Jai Powers said...

Don't forget Felecia and Tom. Neither of them ran clean, right?

Of course, if you're a Republican and you see Horn's and Brewer's debate performances, you're not likely to step into a ring of fire, free-form debate on that Phoenix PBS station.

cpmaz said...

Thane -

Ducey will never agree to debate Cherny. In any county. He has too many financial skeletons in his closet to want to stand in front of a TV camera and answer questions about them.

Pamela -

I thought about including that the Rotellini/Horne debate, but that was scheduled while there was still a possibility that one or both AG candidates would be receiving CE funding.

Both accepted before they knew for certain who their opponent would be.

Agree on the Rs - after Brewer's (and now Horne's) performance, they've got all the reason they need to continue running and hiding from public scrutiny of their positions and records in comparison to those of Democratic candidates.

Thane Eichenauer said...

Never say never.