Thursday, September 09, 2010

Rotellini skewers Horne during Attorney General debate

First, her opening statement -

The complete debate can be found here, courtesy KAET and Horizon.

My favorite line, and there were many good ones, came during Felecia Rotellini's opening statement:

"...look at our track record - I've prosecuted securities fraud, he's committed it..."

Personally, I think that sums up the choice for Arizona in the race - both are lawyers (Horne - private practice, Rotellini - assistant Attorney General in both the Civil and Criminal Divisions),  and both have headed state departments (Horne - Department of Education, Rotellini - Department of Financial Institutions). 

However, one has the tenacity, fairness, and integrity to do a job right, and one doesn't.

The whole debate is worth watching, and at a running time of a little more than 25 minutes, most folks can fit it into their schedules.


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Pamela Jai Powers said...

Yes, I loved her opening comments. Felecia is a scrapper, and she's very intelligent and competent. Horne didn't know what hit him after her opening salvo.

Also, didn't he learn anything from Richard Nixon's debate with Kennedy? He looked horrible-- like an overweight alcoholic. What happened to the make-up person or was he laid off due to budget cuts? ;)