Thursday, September 09, 2010

Fun with campaign signs - lessons not learned edition

A mere few weeks after the end of the primary season, one that saw a one of the far right's fair-haired sons (J.D. Hayworth) fall far short in his challenge to one of the far right's pet targets, John McCain.

The biggest reasons for Hayworth's failure were his glaring character defects and unsavory associations (such as with the Abramoff corruption scandal, "free government money" hucksterism, etc.).

...OK, and the fact that McCain could spend $20 million telling people about Hayworth's failings.  But I digress... :)

You'd think that other candidates, especially Republicans, would have learned the lesson.

For instance, David Schweikert, the R nominee in CD5, probably shouldn't be calling attention to his unsavory, even predatory, financial dealings by associating with other predatory financial players.

But he is...

Pic taken at a car title loan operation on the east side of Scottsdale Road, between Curry/Washington and Loop 202. (note: while the link above is to an article on the predatory nature of auto title loans, it isn't meant to state or even imply that this particular business at this particular location is a bad actor.  It may, in fact, be such, but I don't know that.  What I do know is that the industry *is* predatory, and this is part of a chain that has been involved in some shady activities.)

Just in case someone claims that the above photo is an optical illusion or something - the sign is clearly on the business' property.

I truly don't know if the sign was put up by a business owner/manager who wanted to enthusiastically express his support for Schweikert, or if one of the Schweikert campaign's hired hands thought this would be a good place for a sign.

Either way, though, it illustrates the tin ear shown by Schweikert toward the economically stricken district and state.  As bad as the economy has become, as slow as it has been to recover, as much as families are hurting, Schweikert would rather support and be supported by the same sort of people who helped to crash the economy. 

And who profit from the agony that they've caused.

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