Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Preliminary results

It's still to early to call most of the primaries in statewide races, but here are some results from the East Valley part of Maricopa County (OK, and a little bit on statewides...can't resist)... :)

- University Lakes Justice of the Peace: With 33 of 47 precincts reporting, outgoing Democratic State Sen. Meg Burton Cahill has a comfortable lead over Kathy Hayden, 2554 - 1388.  I'm comfortable calling that one for Burton Cahill.

- In the D SOS primary, Chris Deschene is up solidly over Sam Wercinski.

- In the D AG primary, David Lujan and Felecia Rotellini are running neck and neck, with Rotellini current ahead by approx. 2400 votes.

- In the R AG primary, it's virtually a dead heat with Andrew Thomas ahead of Tom Horne by 410 votes.  Recount coming if it stays this close.

- In the R primary for state treasurer, scandal-plagued businessman Doug Ducey looks to be cruising to the nod.

- In the D primary for Superintendent of Public Instruction, Penny Kotterman looks to be swamping 2006 nominee Jason Williams by a 2 - 1 margin.

- In the R primary for the same office, John Huppenthal looks to be doing even better over his Republican opponents, with a margin of more than 2 - 1 over his nearest competitor.

- In the R US Senate primary, McCain is up 25 points with 8 counties reporting, and has declared victory over JD Hayworth.

- In the CD8 R primary, tea partier Jesse Kelly is ahead of establishment candidate (and darling of the payday loan industry) Jonathan Paton.

- In the CD3 R primary, Ben "Brock Landers" Quayle has a comfortable (but not insurmountable) lead over businessman Steve Moak and former state senator Jim Waring,  13448 - 10624 (Moak) - 10523 (Waring), with 200 of 249 precincts reporting.

- In the CD5 R primary, David Schweikert looks to be cruising to a second consecutive nomination to take on Democratic incumbent Harry Mitchell.  With 204 of 248 precincts reporting, he has 20858 votes to Susan Bitter Smith's 13399 and Jim Ward's 13704.

- In the LD8 R primary for state rep, incumbent John Kavanagh and tea partier Michelle Ugenti have large leads for the two nods, but only 32 of 76 precincts have reported.  Kavanagh will win one nod, while Ugenti could be upended if the remaining precincts are strongholds for Michael Blaire or Paula Pennypacker.  Probably not...

- In the LD7 R primary for state rep, once-ousted (for Clean Elections violations) legislator David Burnell Smith looks like he will get on of the R nods.

- In the LD22 R state rep primary, Eddie Farnsworth looks to be well on his way to a return to the state house, but only 26 of 62 precincts have reported.

- In the Republican primary for West Mesa Justice of the Peace, former state rep Mark Anderson leads Clayton Hamblen 1628 - 927, 16 of 16 precincts reporting.

- In the D primary for Corporation Commission, the race is too close to call.  David Bradley and Jorge Luis Garcia have slight leads over former Commissioner Renz Jennings.

- In the R primary for the same seats, Brenda Burns and Gary Pierce look to be cruising to the nominations over Barry Wong.

And in the worst news of the night, Bill Montgomery (R-Arpaio's patsy) leads Rick Romley in the race to serve the next two years in the Maricopa County Attorney's office, 117436 - 89390.  Withdrawn candidate Boyd Dunn, who endorsed Romley upon his withdrawal from the race, has received 28644 votes.  (739 of 1142 precincts reporting.

These numbers could, and probably will,change by tomorrow.  I'll update then.


Zelph said...

Can Romley still run as an Independent ala Joe Lieberman?

tempe turley said...

I'm really depressed about John Huppenthal. He doesn't seem to have any educational experience at all. Margaret Dugan seems so much more experienced. Are voters paying attention at all? It seems like the general election just became a no brainer...

The Romley defeat is equally depressing.

cpmaz said...

Zelph - so far as I know, no. It's too late to gather sigs and qualify directly for the general election ballot. In addition, I believe that under AZ law, someone who loses a primary race is disqualified from even running as a write-in for the same office (I think that they call it the "sore loser" law or something similar).

TT - Huppenthal's continued electoral success mystifies me, and a lot of other people. As for Romley's situation, it is disappointing. While I don't agree with him on much of anything politically (the whole D/R divide thing), he's an honorable man and a decent public servant.