Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Cherny challenges Ducey to a series of debates

Andrei Cherny, former Assistant Arizona Attorney General, White House staffer, and Democratic nominee for Arizona State Treasurer, in a letter today challenged the Republican nominee Doug Ducey to a series of debates.

The letter, from an emailed press release -
Dear Douglas,

Congratulations on your victory last night in the primary. Yesterday’s outcome sets up the clearest choice Arizonans have ever had in a Treasurer’s race and I look forward to a vigorous discussion of our respective backgrounds and approaches to the position.

This new campaign gives you the opportunity to come clean with the people of Arizona and release a full disclosure of your financial and business holdings. I ask you to not only comply with the letter but the spirit of Arizona's Public Official Financial Disclosure Law. Arizonans deserve to have a full picture of each candidate’s financial history, so they have all the information they need to decide who is best suited to protect the billions of dollars of state assets held in trust and to guard against conflicts of interest.

In order to fully discuss all the important issues facing our state, I am proposing a series of four or more debates over the next 69 days before the general election. These debates would be held in different parts of the state with a different theme for each debate. I am proposing debates around the topics of job creation, government transparency, investment strategies, and using the audit power of the Treasurer's office.

My campaign manager, Bill Scheel, will be in touch with your staff to begin making arrangments for these debates. Thank you in advance for being willing to discuss these important issues with Arizonans.


Yes, you can tell that primary season is over - Democrats and Republicans are going after each other directly now.  Keep the popcorn handy. :)

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