Sunday, August 01, 2010

Early ballot time - 2010 primary

Early voting has started, and those voters who have signed up for the Pernanent Early Voting List or have specifically requested a mail ballot for this election should have received their ballot already (or will receive it within the next few days.)

If you are not on the PEVL list or haven't requested a ballot for this specific election, you can download the sign up form for the PEVL here or request a ballot for a single election here.  The latest date to request an early ballot for the August primary is August 13.

My ballot is a Democratic one, specific to CD5/LD17/Maricopa County/University Lakes Justice Precinct, and can be found here. (Just for giggles, the Republican ballot for the same area is here; the Libertarian ballot is here; and the Green ballot is here.)

While I have determined who to vote for in the races where there are contests, I won't list those choices here.  All of the Democratic candidates are excellent choices (one of the advantages to being a Democrat in a state that is so dominated by Republicans is that anyone running as a D is someone who takes public service seriously) and I'll proudly support the eventual winners in the general election.

The candidates on my ballot, and their campaign websites, are (in the order listed on the ballot, not my personal preference.):

US Senate (vote for one)

Randy Parraz
John Dougherty
Cathy Eden
Rodney Glassman

U.S. Representative (CD5)

Harry Mitchell

Governor of Arizona

Terry Goddard

State Senator (LD17)

David Schapira

State Representative (LD17) (vote for two)

Ed Ableser
Ben Arredondo

Arizona Secretary of State (vote for one)

Sam Wercinski
Chris Deschene

Arizona Attorney General (vote for one)

Felecia Rotellini
David Lujan
Vince Rabago

Arizona State Treasurer

Andrei Cherny

Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction (vote for one)

Jason Williams
Penny Kotterman

Arizona Mine Inspector

Manuel Cruz

Arizona Corporation Commission (vote for two)

Renz Jennings
David Bradley
Jorge Luis Garcia

Clerk of the Maricopa County Superior Court

Sherry Williams

Justice of the Peace, University Lakes Justice Precinct (vote for one)

Meg Burton Cahill (no campaign webpage that I could find, but her state senate page is here)
Kathy Hayden

One of the more interesting races is one that isn't on my ballot - the race between Republicans Rick Romley and Bill Montgomery to serve out the remaining 2+ years of Andrew Thomas' term as Maricopa County Attorney.  No D is running for the spot, preferring to save up their campaigning energies for 2012.

The race there has boiled down to Romley's professionalism versus Montgomery's Arpaio-ism.  In a general election contest, Romley would win in a walkover, but since the race will be decided by the R primary voters, anything could happen.

Updates on this and the other races as they become available.


Thane Eichenauer said...

LD17 will certainly be an interesting district to follow come November. I hadn't noticed that the Democrats were so content that they are going to leave the Republican who prevails in the primary for the office of Maricopa county attorney to battle it out with Michael Kielsky (Libertarian).

cpmaz said...

Thane - I don't think that the issue was a matter of being "content." The opening in the CA office came late in the cycle, so late that while obtaining the needed signatures would have been difficult but possible, the fundraising and staff-formation aspects would have been all but impossible.

Most Ds who would have been interested in mounting/working on a campaign that they would almost certainly have lost were already committed for the cycle.

Look for a lot more interest from the Ds in 2012, when they'll have a full campaign period to set up a run for a full term.