Thursday, July 08, 2010

New Favorite Website: Crazy Jack Harper

Thanks go out to the Arizona Capitol Times' Yellow Sheet Report for the heads up on this one -
Harper believes reporter, Bundgaard tied to website

By Yellow Sheet Report
Published: July 8, 2010 at 4:49 pm
Harper is pointing at a member of the Capitol press corps and a one-time political ally as the provocateurs behind the Crazy Jack Harper website that has regularly taken potshots at the senator since May.

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I don't know who is behind the site (Crazy Jack Harper) so I can't say with certainty that Harper's assertion that Scott Bundgaard is correct or incorrect.

However, since Bundgaard is running for the LD4 Senate seat that Harper is vacating, it seems unlikely that he would waste money on a website ridiculing Harper, who is running for the House.  If a Republican candidate is behind the website, I would think it more likely that it is one of other R House candidates in LD4.

I am pretty sure that the Democrats aren't behind it, though.

When trying to get under the skin of Republicans, we usually wield the needle far more deftly.  This site has its good points, but it's as subtle as a baseball bat.

Still, given that LD4 has elected and reelected Harper so often that he is termed-out from the Senate, maybe subtlety isn't called for here.

Just sayin'...

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joaquin said...

If there are grassroots Dems who support Deschene, it is because they don't know his record: he is on public record saying climate change isn't real (not a Democratic value), is pushing for more coal plants that already poison the air on the Navajo Nation each and every day, and only showed up for 1/3 of the votes during his less than one term in the House - possibly because he is busy representing the coal companies.