Thursday, July 29, 2010

More fun with signs...

Saw this one while out walking today...

I'm not questioning the whole "illegal immigration/Joe Arpaio" motif of the sign - Kavanagh is a long-time nativist, and even if he wasn't, nearly all the R candidates in the state have prostrated themselves before their twin gods of hatred and ignorance.

Nope, my question is far more basic than that (and a campaign platform of demonizing the "other" is pretty base) -

What district is he running to represent?

Now, *I* know that Kavanagh is a current state rep from LD8 and he is running for re-election there (yes, I'm a political geek), but how is the average person going to know that? 

Many might logically assume that he is running to represent the district in which the sign is located.  Certainly, most folks would find such an assumption to be eminently reasonable.

They would be reasonable, but utterly wrong.

The sign in the picture is located on the northwest corner of McDowell and Pima roads in Scottsdale, which is well within LD17 (south Scottsdale), not LD8 (north Scottsdale).

Besides the nativist shout outs on the sign, which is pretty much the campaign playbook for Republican candidates this cycle, the sign illustrates another point that I've been making -

Arizona Republicans consider elected office less a job representing constituents and more an opportunity to foist an extremist ideology off on everyone else.

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