Thursday, July 29, 2010

Protected Speech 101: Words - yes; terrorist acts - no

From website of the Arizona Republic -
Rep. Raúl Grijalva, D-Ariz., has closed his Yuma district office for the day after staff discovered that a bullet had shattered a window earlier Thursday.

A news release from Adam Sarvana, Grijalva's spokesman, says police are investigating the vandalism and have not released details about a possible motive. Grijalva will re-open the office as soon as possible, his office said.
This isn't the first time that one of Grijalva's offices has been targeted, though it was just with threats last time.

Funny, but when someone disagrees with them, the first reaction of the "what part of 'illegal' don't they understand?" crowd is to break the law.  (Yes, I'm making the assumption that the person on the other end of the bullet was a ticked-off nativist.  The violence fits the M.O.)

Why is that?  Could it be that maybe their anti-immigrant fervor is rooted less in "respect for the law" and more in "hatred for people with brown skin"?

Yuma Sun coverage here.


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