Monday, March 15, 2010

Live blogging: Senate floor activity, Regular and Special Session

1:18 - They don't have the votes to finish off the budget/social safety net, and have adjourned the special session until Tuesday. #$#$!@&!*!!! I drove down here for this?!?

1:17 - As with the regular session, 28 present, 2 excused.

1:15 - Announcing committee meetings for tomorrow. Jack Harper is griping about being misquoted in the AZRepublic by EJ Montini. Boo hoo. Calls it "yellow journalism." About to start special session.

1:13 - Doing 2nd Read and assignment of bills to committees. HB2250, the Rs' corporate bailout bill not assigned as yet.

1:09 - 28 present, 2 excused, including Frank Antenori ("R-Don't say I'm from Tucson, even though I live there!"). Doing first read of bills.

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