Monday, March 15, 2010

Update from Thrasher for Congress

John Thrasher, a veteran and a career educator, is a candidate in CD2, looking to unseat Trent Franks (R-one of our most embarrassing elected officials).

Via email, Thrasher's latest campaign update -

My name is John Thrasher, and like you, I am disappointed with Congress.

Our current District 2 Congressman has not passed a single piece of his own legislation. He has failed to represent your needs for eight years. By pushing his narrow and ideologically driven agenda, Trent Franks has increasingly established his anti-Arizona voting record. He has damaged the future of our district by voting against increasing funding for public education, against legislation that would create good jobs, against measures that call for improving our infrastructure in District 2. Mr. Franks even has trouble answering constituent phone calls when there is a differing point of view. For these and other reasons, I am running for Congress in Arizona's Congressional District 2.

Around election time, politicians make promises that often ring hollow after the election. As an educator, and a leader, I was held to a higher standard. When I make a promise, I stick to it. My honor, and my reputation, depends on it. Therefore, without reservation, I promise to be visible, available, and a good listener. Then, I will take the action needed to find solutions to problems you bring to my attention. AND, I know how to answer my telephone no matter who is calling.

The citizens of District 2 have suffered from inaction, and ideology, long enough. I will not waste my time, or your taxpayer dollars, by going to Washington to bicker with others. You want action, not rhetoric. I will join with your voice in demanding members of Congress, me included, do the job the voters sent them to do.

I strongly believe we can move Arizona forward by developing jobs for District 2 in Solar and New Energy. This will not only ensure cleaner air and water, I predict we will see a significant impact in the over $2 Billion spent importing foreign Oil every day.

My challenge to you is this. If you are pleased with the way things are today in Washington, do nothing. If you are disappointed, like me, invest NOW in our future by sending me, John Thrasher, to Washington on November 2, 2010.

Thank you for your support.


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