Monday, November 16, 2009

OK, now they say that a special session will happen this week

Apparently, the tea leaves that I was reading earlier today were actually just grass clippings...

Nothing has been posted on the websites of the lege or the governor, but according to the AZ Republic, there will be a special session of the lege starting this week. (The Rep is unclear on the day; the AZ Capitol Times says it will start tomorrow; the blog of the Senate Democratic caucus says 3 p.m. tomorrow.)

It's shaping up to be a "cuts-only" session (assuming they can even convene the special session) that again, involves no input from the Democratic members of the lege. Still, unless they can get every member of the Republican caucus in the Senate to show up, they may very well need to coax a couple of Dems to sell their souls cross over.

Current talk includes cuts of $144 million and "soft capital" (books, computers, and stuff that goes into classrooms) from K-12 education and $157 million from DES.

Turns out that planning on visiting the Capitol tomorrow was a good idea, even without the press conference mentioned in the previous post...

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