Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The LD17 team stays strong

In news that broke elsewhere (including R-Cubed and AZCentral.com), Meg Burton Cahill has announced that she will not seek another term in the Senate next year. For health reasons she is taking her public service career in another direction (her doctor advised her that a hostile work environment like the AZ lege is not conducive to good health. For this he needed to spend tens of thousands of dollars for years of medical school? LOL).

Her wisdom, insight, humor, and dedication to the people of D17 and the state will be sorely missed, but someone who has been found to step into the void that she is leaving, someone who is likely one of the few people capable of stepping in who may be as dedicated to the people of D17.

Long-time Tempe City Councilman Ben Arredondo has become a Democrat, moving away from the Republican Party that has moved away from him and all other elected officials who place a premium on community service over partisan ideology.
Councilman Arredondo will run for a House seat; Rep. Schapira will open an exploratory committee for the Senate seat.
More on this later, but I just wanted to write something while waiting for the "special" session to start (Today'stentative schedule - pledge, prayer, first read, adjourn, caucus, go home).

Left to right: Senator Meg Burton Cahill, Councilman Ben Arredondo, Representative Ed Ableser, Representative David Schapira

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