Friday, November 06, 2009

More 2010 campaign committees...

Wherein I narrow the focus of these posts to LD17, LD8, Scottsdale, and Tempe...and anything else that catches my attention. :)

Some of these I've covered before, but for some of these races, a complete picture is appropriate.

In the race for Governor, two of the big guns formed committees this week. Jan Brewer, the sitting governor, made official her intent to run for a full term with her formation of a candidate committee, filer ID 201000308. Her campaign chair is a former Arizona Attorney General.

Terry Goddard, the current AZ AG, formed an exploratory committee, filer ID 201000311. His committee chair is former Governor, Rose Mofford.

The LD8 Republican State Rep primary looks to be turning into a dogfight - there are seven active committees, and none of the incumbents have yet to file.

Republicans with active committees -

Ray Mahoubi, filer ID 201000059
Eric Ulis, filer ID 201000082
Dennis Robbins, filer ID 201000229
Jim Rich, filer ID 201000265
David Paddison, filer ID 201000282
Michael Blaire, filer ID 201000295
Paul LoBianco, filer ID 201000307

Terminated committee:

Ted King, filer ID 201000097

Active committees for the LD8 Democratic primary for State Representative -

W. John Williamson, filer ID 201000239
John Kriekard, filer ID 201000293

There aren't any active committees for the LD8 Senate seat, though current State Rep. Michele Reagan (R) does have an open exploratory committee, filer ID 201000002, and the presumption is that she will be running for the seat. Carolyn Allen, the current LD8 State Senator, is termed out after next year.

There have been no significant changes in the LD17 races as yet. Two Republicans have formed committees and the Democratic incumbents, while they haven't filed yet, are expected to run for re-election.

In a somewhat curious PAC committee development, Advance America Cash Advance Centers, Inc. has formed a Political Action Committee in Arizona, filer ID 201000296. The interesting part is that it was formed as a $500 Threshold Committee.


I'm not sure if that is a mistake (on the part of the SOS or the corporation) or if the committee is just a placeholder until they form a real PAC - $500 just doesn't buy a lot of politicians political actions these days. Inflation, ya know.

In the race for Scottsdale City Council, two more candidates have joined the incumbents (Tony Nelssen, Wayne Ecton, Bob Littlefield) in the field.

Bill Crawford, a Republican and a business owner in Scottsdale, and Ned O'Hearn, a former member of the Council, both formed committees this week.

A letter to the editor of the AZRepublic regarding the firing of Scottsdale City Manager John Little is here. O'Hearn is currently in real estate and is on the Board of Trustees of the Scottsdale-based Museum of the West.

That's it for now...

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