Friday, November 06, 2009

Breaking news: Mitchell to vote in favor of H.R. 3962

Apparently, the "power of bloggers" has swayed a member of Congress.

Either that, or he looked at the same factors as I did, and has decided to vote in the best interests of his constituents.

And while my ego would *love* to take credit for this, the news of his decision broke in two separate emails that hit my inbox while I was writing my earlier post urging him (and the Blue Dogs) to support it. I just didn't check my email until after I had written the next post.

So thank you, Congressman Mitchell.

To all readers: Please join me in showing our gratitude by making a contribution to his re-election campaign.

Also, tell your friends, in person, by telephone, by email, or via social networking sites like Facebook.

Beyond that, write letters to the editor (EV Tribune here, AZ Republic at, ASU State Press at

After that, contact your District Democratic chairs for information your neighborhood's "Day of Action," walking with Congressman Mitchell and other Democratic candidates as they meet, greet, and sign up Democratic voters.


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Thane Eichenauer said...

One more government program, to be paid for by more government taxing and more government borrowing.

Another example of a government unwilling to live within its means.