Saturday, November 07, 2009

For sale: One Mucuous Factory

Has an established record of efficient handling of periods of high productivity and then idling or producing minimal output for weeks or even months at a time. It is currently running at full capacity 24 hours per day.

The output housing of this facility was handsomely designed in the Mediterranean tradition of architecture and epitomizes one of the hallmarks of that tradition - distinguished utility. It operates smoothly while lookin' gooood. :)

Buy for now, because this is the perfect season for this facility. Now is the right time to acquire and have a robust mucous production operation at the ready during a period of peak demand across the state and across the country.

Buy for later, because even after this season passes, there will be the next season. Save yourself hassles and have this turnkey operation at the ready to meet spot demand when pollen or particulate matter counts rise or to meet sustained demand when flu and cold season returns.

All reasonable offers considered; serious inquiries only.

In normal years, I would be seriously whining right about now, but a mere head cold beats the flu, no matter how miserable that cold may make me.


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