Thursday, September 17, 2009

Republican leadership going after D17 Rep. Schapira

Apparently, the Republican leadership in the House objects to the work that Rep. David Schapira (D-LD17) has been doing while the lege isn't in session.

Or maybe they just object to looking lazy by comparison.

First, Republican Speaker Kirk Adams announced the formation of his own committee to look into the state's tuition tax credit program and school tuition organizations. The program is rife with abuses, as highlighted by the East Valley Tribune's award-winning "Rigged Privilege" investigative series.

Then later in the day, House Appropriations chair John Kavanagh (R-Fountain Hills) went on JD Hayworth's talk show on KFYI and spent an entire hour bashing Rep. Schapira for talking to an international group of educators yesterday. (No link yet, will provide if one becomes available.)

An entire hour.

Yep, they're officially worried about David. Welcome to the big leagues, Representative Schapira.

Well, on the first item, Adams' committee, as one Capitol observer put it, "it's about time that Adams showed some leadership on this."

As I put it, "it isn't leadership if you're following, not leading."

Schapira and the Democrats were on the burgeoning scandal of STO abuse weeks ago (and David Safier at Blog for Arizona and Jen at Mindless Mumblings of a Martyr Mom were on this months ago); Adams is just trying to steal some thunder and maybe get in the way of any real work.

That's not leadership.

Oh yeah, and neither is stacking the committee membership in such a way as to ensure that they won't find much, if anything, wrong with the tuition tax credit program.

From the EV Trib piece on today's announcement -
Adams has assigned Rep. Rick Murphy, R-Glendale, as chairman of the committee. Other members include: Andy Biggs, R-Gilbert; Debbie Lesko, R-Glendale; Jack Brown, D-St. Johns; and Tom Chabin, D-Flagstaff.
What's wrong with that list?

Let's see -

All of them are members of the House Ways and Means Committee. Not a single one is a member of the Education Committee. An interesting omission for a panel looking at an education-related matter.

There are two Democrats on Adams' panel. However, Rep. Jack Brown, the longest-serving member of the lege and highly respected for his knowledge and wisdom, is also the most conservative Democrat in the House. He won't have any interest in making waves on this panel.

Of course, that is presuming that Brown can even attend to the committee's work. The three Republicans on the panel are all Maricopa County residents and are mere minutes away from the Capitol; the two Democrats live 150 miles (Chabin) and 170 miles (Brown) away. Guess which members will be able to be more involved in the committee?

As for the second item, the relentless bashing by Kavanagh and Hayworth?

Ummm...well, to be rather blunt, these aren't two guys noted for their profound insights on education systems, American or international.

On the other hand, they are known for having insights into who might become a future electoral opponent. And for signalling that insight by issuing a pre-emptive attack.



testcase said...

JD is a nitwit. I can't believe the level of xenophobia. The fact that someone spoke to foreigners is being held against him. I started listening to the rest of the show and the level of stupidity displayed is stunning.

Anonymous said...

An insightfull post. Will definitely help.

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