Friday, September 18, 2009

More 2010 campaign committees forming...

At this point, I won't bother trying to cover all candidate committees, just the ones affecting statewide races and those local to me (LD17, and LDs 8 and 18).

Oh, and any others that are interesting to me in some way. Call it "blogger's privilege" or something.

For those who are interested in races other than the ones mentioned here, the AZ Secretary of State's committee search page is here.

On to the substance of the post...

...In the big news, Felecia Rotellini, formerly Arizona Superintendent of Financial Institutions, formed a committee for her candidacy for the Democratic nomination for Attorney General (filer ID 201000232). Phoenix New Times coverage here. As the linked article points out, she a former prosecutor with some serious cred in that sphere.

And if that wasn't enough to get the attention of State Rep. David Lujan, heretofore the only Democratic candidate in the race, her campaign's chair is Sam Coppersmith, former Congressman and long-time player in Democratic circles. He's also an intermittent blogger.

...In LD8 (north Scottsdale/Fountain Hills), one Dennis Robbins has formed a committee to run for the Republican nomination for State Representative. He also has an interesting name (in Scottsdale, anyway) as chair - Paul Messinger. "Messinger Mortuaries" ring a bell anyone? Messinger was also chair of Jim Lane's mayoral committee last year.

As near as I can tell, this Dennis Robbins is a lawyer, though it is such a common name that a Google search generates a LOT of results.

His committee is the fourth formed for the Rep nomination in LD8 thus far, and neither of the incumbents (Michelle Reagan and John Kavanagh) has yet formed a committee. Reagan has an exploratory committee open that doesn't list an office sought, but it is widely expected that she will announce for the LD8 State Senate seat currently held by Carolyn Allen. Allen is termed out after this session of the lege (I think.)

Another strong rumor is that Kavanagh is also eyeing that Senate seat, possibly setting up a donnybrook primary for the Republicans.

Reagan has money, family influence among LD8 Republicans (her mom is a former chair and her dad is an elected JP), and the right last name, by Republican standards anyway. She is an ardent conservative and member of the Chamber of Commerce wing of the AZGOP. She will occasionally work for the best interests of her district and the state.

Kavanagh has the nativists in the district and the support of the Arpaio/Pearce wing of the AZGOP. 'Nuff said there.

Even if they don't face off next year, they will within the next few cycles, either for LD8 State Senate or for the Congressional seat, whatever district they're in after redistricting.

Right now, give the edge to Reagan in a head-to-head matchup. North Scottsdale is bigger than Fountain Hills.

...In LD17 (home!) one Augustus Shaw IV has formed a $500 threshold committee for a run at State Representative. No party is listed, but Shaw is the 1st Vice Chair of the Arizona Republican Party. He's probably not running as an independent. By profession, he's an attorney for HOAs when they sue their homeowners. He's also somewhat colorful.

He is also a "founding member" of the Coalition of Arizona African American Republicans. The address the Coalition lists with the AZSOS is that of Shaw's law office.

Before I looked into his background, I saw the "$500 Threshold" and no party affiliation, and didn't take the candidacy seriously.

That has changed.

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