Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Well, that didn't take long - Special Session on tap for Monday

The Governor has vetoed part of the lege's budget package and called a special session of the legislature.

From -
Five hours after lawmakers wrapped up their legislative session, Gov. Jan Brewer has called them back to work, beginning Monday.

She also issued line-item vetoes on what she called a "fatally flawed" budget.

The governor wants lawmakers to work on adjustments to the budget they just passed, as well as her call for a temporary increase in the state sales tax.

The Governor's statement on the matter is here; her proclamation calling for a special session is here. In addition, her veto/signing letters on each budget bill is here; and her line-item veto letter is here.

I guess we'll all be back on Monday.

Told ya the fat lady wasn't singing yet...


Eli Blake said...

I heard that at least one member of the Senate leadership had scheduled a vacation in Europe next week too.

Maybe things will run better if all the members who are planning to go on vacation go ahead and go. The rest of the membership might provide a better mix.

cpmaz said...

If they didn't need 16 and 31 votes, I'd suggest giving the entire Republican caucuses of both chambers the summer off.

They have proven unequivocally that they are tempermentally and ideologically unfit to govern.

Let the Dems sort it out with the Governor.

Thane Eichenauer said...

I'm just wondering what the Governor could do if legislators decide to vacation in Hildale, Utah?