Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Democratic Party statement on the passing of former Congressman Jim McNulty

From an email -
Arizona Democrats lost one of their great leaders yesterday, as Former Congressman Jim McNulty died at age 83.

McNulty will be remembered by Democrats as a tireless public servant who had a bright vision for Southern Arizona. Originally from Boston, the G.I. Bill brought Jim to Arizona to study at the University of Arizona in Tucson. Following graduation, Jim worked for a Bisbee law firm. He then served as a State Senator from 1969 - 1975, followed by representing Arizona's Fifth Congressional District from 1983 - 1985.

Jim was honored to serve in the halls of Congress. He wrote a book on the experience titled Running Uphil. Jim was active in the Democratic Party for years after leaving office, helping fellow Democrats win elected office.

Don Bivens, Chair of the Arizona Democratic Party remarked, "I admired Jim, he will be missed, he was a man of principles, and a wonderful leader for Arizona."

Tedski at R-Cubed has a more personal remembrance here.

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